University of Oregon

Department Overview


The University of Oregon maintains a highly competent and professional public safety department that possesses limited police powers under ORS 352.385 and the authority to issue municipal citations for violations and misdemeanors under Eugene Code 4.035. Despite the ambiguity and restrictions associated with its current statutory authority, the University of Oregon’s Police Department (UOPD) has successfully implemented a community-oriented and trust-based policing model that has been fully embraced and supported by the campus community. In 2009 the university launched its Safe Campus Initiative, which aimed to identify progressive campus safety structures employed at similarly situated public universities throughout the nation. This effort sought to distinguish between convoluted anomalous architectures and recognized best practices in campus safety. Utilizing these findings, the university developed a campus safety strategy that was specifically tailored to the unique needs of the campus community and reflected its distinct culture and core values. These initiatives were further augmented through the implementation of recognized best practices in campus safety programming. Through these and related efforts, the university has articulated an expectation and provided a platform for its public safety department to evolve beyond its current status as a non-sworn law enforcement agency. With this progression, UOPD will be better positioned to provide its constituency with a full spectrum of customized campus safety and law enforcement services. Organizational Chart (PDF)