University of Oregon

Department Contacts

This page lists the primary contacts for UOPD. If you need to speak with someone not listed, or report a non-emergency crime, please call 541-346-2919 (Dispatch Non-Emergency) and ask for assistance, or fill out one of our online forms.

For on-campus emergencies, including crimes in progress, call 9-1-1.


Matthew Carmichael
Phone: 541-346-4127

Chief of Police

Leslie Fountain-Williams
Phone: 541-346-8328

Finance Manager

Kelly McIver
Phone: 541-346-8335

Director of Strategic Engagement and Communications/Public Information Officer

Law Enforcement Services

Lt. Alice Cary
Phone: 541-346-2980

Interim Police Lieutenant - Police Operations

Lt. Jason Wade
Phone: 541-346-2905

Interim Police Lieutenant - Professional Standards and Training

Sgt. Scott Clark
Phone: 541-346-2980

Police Sergeant

Sgt. Scott Geeting
Phone: 541-346-2919

Police Sergeant - Administration

Sgt. Glen Kostiuk
Phone: 541-346-9306

Interim Police Sergeant

Sgt. Bo Macovis
Phone: 541-346-9305

Interim Police Sergeant

Sgt. Don Morris
Phone: 541-346-2905

Police Sergeant

Detective Sgt. Kathy Flynn
Phone: 541-346-9694

Detective Sergeant
Communications and Emergency Response Center

Communications and Emergency Response Center (Dispatch)
Phone: 541-346-2919

Available 24/7

Lynn Johnson
Phone: 541-346-2945

Communications and Records Manager

Donna Shults
Phone: 541-346-3427

CERC Supervisor
Security and Special Event Services

Capt. Herb Horner
Phone: 541-346-2976

Security Director

James Stegall
Phone: 541-346-2651

Security Manager

Bill Anderson
Phone: 541-346-3045

Information Technology Systems Administrator
CJIS Local Agency Security Officer

Rachel Dale
Phone: 541-346-5712

Administrative Assistant

Clark Hansen
Phone: 541-346-2979

Technical Services Manager
CJIS Technical Agency Coordinator

Monica Hildebrand
Phone: 541-346-0670

Criminal Intelligence Analyst/Law Enforcement Planner
Clery Coordinator