University of Oregon

Lighted Pathways

Night Map

Please use caution when walking through campus at night. The University campus is equipped with lantern lighting along main routes through campus. Because of landscaping and buildings, other areas of campus may not provide suitable lighting for walking at night. All areas of campus are regularly patrolled by UOPD officers. The University is sensitive to light pollution issues - further information on lighting projects can be found on the University of Oregon Planning Office website.

Nighttime Travel Direction

There are several lighted pathways through the heart of campus:

  • Agate and University Streets - from E 18th Avenue to E 13th Avenue
  • Kincaid Street - from E 15th Avenue to E 12th Avenue
  • E 15th Avenue - from Agate Street to University Street
  • E 13th Avenue - from Alder Street to Agate Street
  • Running North/South from E 13th Avenue to E 11th Avenue under Gilbert Hall and past Grayson Hall
  • Running East/West from Kincaid Street (along 12th Avenue) past the Computing Center, Around Deady Hall, and to Pacific Hall
  • Running North/South from E 13th Avenue West of Columbia Hall to Pacific Hall
  • Running North/South from E 13th Avenue just East of the Volcanology building
  • Between Huestis and Deschutes Halls from E 13th Avenue to Franklin Blvd., then running West along Franklin Blvd to the first LTD bus stop
  • Stretching across campus from the East side of the Museum of Art, running Northwest to the North side of Walton Complex, West to Onyx Street, along Onyx and West through the quad, moving west to PLC, then running North to E 13th Avenue.

Please visit the Maps page for a Campus at Night Map and other campus maps.

Other Resources

  • Please see the crime prevention page for information on how you can protect yourself on campus.
  • If you must walk alone across campus during the night and are concerned about your safety, look into a safety escort to accompany you.
  • Take advantage of the Assault Prevention Shuttle, a service that also operates off-campus.