University of Oregon

About the University of Oregon Police Department


The University of Oregon Police Department’s goal is to help create an exceptionally safe, secure campus for students and faculty to focus intently on excellent academics, research and public service. We promote an inclusive, respectful environment for our global campus, and protect the free and civil exchange of ideas.

UOPD operates 24 hours per day, year-round. Officers patrol the campus on foot, by bicycle and vehicle, and are responsible for campus safety, crime prevention and law enforcement. We actively collaborate with students and other campus partners to prioritize and respond to campus safety needs.

UOPD serves campus with sworn police officers, security officers, and civilian staff in a variety of roles. UOPD works with campus and community partners to track safety issues and use proven approaches for prevention and response.

UOPD is separate from the Eugene Police Department, and any other local law enforcement agencies. UOPD is a department of the University of Oregon, and covers all campus properties as its jurisdiction.

While UOPD works with Eugene Police and other agencies to prevent and solve crime, UOPD exists to serve students and campus community members, and can prioritize issues important to the campus community. UOPD works with student and faculty government as well as various campus departments and offices, to tailor services to the needs of the UO.

Department Structure

  • Office of the Chief
  • Patrol Operations
  • Professional Standards and Training
  • Security and Special Events

Areas We Serve

  • Main Campus - Eugene
    • More than 24,000 students; some 4,000 on-campus residents
    • 80 major buildings on 295 acres
  • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston
  • UO Portland