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Silent Watch

UOPD recognizes that some people wish to remain confidential when reporting crimes and sometimes may not want to have contact with law enforcement at all. If you see a crime or suspect criminal activity, please take the time to call us at 541-346-2919 or fill out the form below. All information obtained will be held completely confidential. You do not have to provide information about yourself, however, we would like to encourage you to leave an email address in case we have any follow-up questions.

Further Information

Our Silent Watch program has been started in an effort to encourage campus members to become involved in community policing. The following web sites provide information on how you can become involved in a positive way with your community. The National Crime Prevention Council provides extensive information on community-based programs and efforts to build safer neighborhoods. The Silent Witness National Initiative promotes an end to domestic violence. Visit their web site for further information about their mission and how to get involved.

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