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Proscribed Conduct — Weapons Policy

OAR 580-022-0045(3) specifically states: Procedures to impose applicable sanctions may be instituted against any person engaging in any of the following proscribed conduct: (…) (3) Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals, or other dangerous weapons or instrumentalities on institutionally owned or controlled property, unless expressly authorized by law, Board, or institutional rules (for purposes of this section, absence of criminal penalties shall not be considered express authorization); (…).

The State Board of Higher Education in 2012 approved a policy that prohibits the possession of firearms on property controlled by any of the state's seven public universities. This rule was adopted in 2014 by the University of Oregon's Board of Trustees, along with all of the other policies flowing from the Oregon University System. The policy therefore maintains its force of law on the University of Oregon campus under Oregon Administrative Rules.

A letter from University of Oregon administrators explains the 2012 policy, below. The full text of the policy can be downloaded as a PDF from the bottom of this page, and the relevant Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR 580-022-0045(3)) can also be viewed online. All existing relevant OUS policies were adopted en masse by the UO Board of Trustees in 2014, and continue to carry the force of Oregon law.

March 9, 2012

To: UO students, faculty and staff

Subject: New policy about firearms approved by State Board of Higher Education

The Oregon State Board of Higher Education recently approved a new policy about firearms on the seven public university campuses, including the University of Oregon.

The policy, which became effective on March 2, 2012, prohibits the possession of firearms on university-owned or –controlled property by students; employees; contractors and vendors (and their employees and agents); any person attending a ticketed event; and any person leasing, renting or reserving university-owned or –controlled property. This prohibition applies to all individuals, including those with a concealed handgun license.

The policy also prohibits the possession of firearms by all persons, including those with a concealed handgun license, in any building or work place owned or controlled by the university, including but not limited to academic buildings, the Erb Memorial Union, and athletics and performing arts venues.

There are a few exceptions to the firearms ban, including possession by on-duty law enforcement officers; possession by campus police for training purposes; military program participants, including ROTC.

The intent of the policy is to enhance personal safety on OUS campuses and to provide an environment where learning, research and exchange of ideas can thrive.

The UO Department of Public Safety is available to answer questions or provide information on the new policy. UODPS can be reached at 541-346-2919.


Jamie Moffitt, vice president, Finance & Administration
Robin Holmes, vice president, Student Affairs
Doug Tripp, executive director and chief, UO Department of Public Safety

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