Combating Antisemitism: A Law Enforcement Community Training

June 25, 2021, 9:00 a.m.

Jewish community members, groups and synagogues all over the world have historically been targets for harassment, intimidation, vandalism and violence. 

Law enforcement's challenge to protect and serve effectively can be aided by sharing information and building relationships with local experts and leaders of the Jewish community.

"Combating Antisemitism" is a free, live, 90-minute, online training for law enforcement hosted by the University of Oregon Police Department, from Eugene, Oregon. Hear from field experts, from the Jewish community to the FBI on how law enforcement can better serve those in need and address religious hate and bias.


  1. Combating Anti-Semitism (Rabbi Meir Goldstein, Judaic studies instructor, University of Oregon) 
  2. Serving Jewish Students in Higher Education (Andy Gitelson, Oregon Hillel executive director) 
  3. Acts of Religious Hate National Statistics (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  4. Question and Answer Session

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