University of Oregon

Security Systems


Electronic security systems are used in many areas of campus buildings, such as: classrooms, offices, labs, collections areas, and storage facilities. Physical security is used as a safeguard of property, equipment, materials, and information. The goal of using security devices is to prevent theft and/or damage of university property by actively controlling and monitoring access to secured property and areas.

An example of this type of security can be seen in any of the computer labs on campus. Fiber optic wire is threaded through equipment so that unplugging the wire sets off a local alarm which reports directly to our dispatch center. In an alarm event, officers are dispatched within seconds.

Other types of devices are also used, such as door contacts, motion detectors, glass break sensors, wireless sensors, and closed circuit television cameras. Fortunately, the use of security systems is a major deterrent and theft is greatly minimized. UOPD coordinates and manages the installation and maintenance of physical security in campus buildings.