Vulnerable Persons Registry

The University of Oregon and Junction City Police Departments recognize that some members of our community may be vulnerable, have special needs, or may react differently when coming into contact with law enforcement or emergency services. With that in mind, we have created a Vulnerable Persons Registry. This registry is available to our community members and their caregivers who require special attention when interacting with law enforcement and other emergency services. Information provided is maintained in a confidential database available to emergency responders in order to provide a more informed response to vulnerable populations in the event of an incident involving a registered person.

This registry is primarily for people who live within the city limits of the Junction City Police Department or at a property owned or controlled by the University of Oregon. However, if you submit a registration and do not live in these areas we will forward your information with your approval to the appropriate jurisdiction and we will facilitate that agency contacting you.


This form allows community members to register vital information pertaining to vulnerable family members or other persons in their care. This information will be used to assist police and other emergency services personnel, in the event of an incident involving the registered person.


Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Acquired Brain Injury, etc. Not all persons afflicted with these conditions need to be registered – only if the caregiver or family member believes that the affected person would benefit from sharing this information.

This is a voluntary registry.


Please download this form and return it with a photograph to the Junction City of University of Oregon Police Department.

If you cannot print this form, you may pick up a paper copy at the front desk of the University of Oregon or Junction City Police Department.

Vulnerable Persons Registration Form


Matthew Carmichael
University of Oregon Chief of Police
Robert B. Morris
Junction City Chief of Police

A special thank you to Dennis Debbaudt and former ASUO President, Maria Gallegos-Chacon for their efforts in the development and implementation of this project. 

Visit The Arc of Lane County for more information.