Building Access

Physical Security of UO buildings is a shared responsibility of the whole campus community.

Individual regular requests

Access to UO buildings via keys and UO ID proximity cards is managed by the Key and Access Office in ID Card Services in the EMU; individual requests for access to specific areas can be submitted there.

Missing cards or door malfunction

For access requests due to lost cards or door malfunctions, contact UOPD at 541-346-2919 at any time. An officer can meet at the requested access point to assist. UOPD will need to verify the caller's UO affiliation and approval to access the requested area.

Requests for changes to building schedules

UOPD manages the regular open-and-closed scheduling of doors on campus through access control and by manually locking and unlocking buildings. UOPD provides this support to the Scheduling Office, Registrar and other departments with regular building schedule changes.

For department-level requests to change the regular open-and-closed schedule of doors for a particular building, the department head or building manager should send an email request to with the following information:

  • Requester name
  • Position/title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Building to be changed
  • Date(s) of requested schedule change
  • Details of the changes requested (which doors, what times of day should they be opened and locked again, etc.)

Please allow at least five working days to verify the request. UOPD will send a receipt confirmation email to the address sending the request, and another email when the request has been completed.

For questions about building scheduling, special events scheduling or physical security at UO, contact James Stegall, UOPD Director of Security and Special Events at 541-346-2651 or