University of Oregon Police Department policy exists to provide legal, appropriate directives for employees on how to carry out operations and fulfill the department's mission.

The UOPD policy manual is a living document. The goal of the police chief is to ensure that the manual continues to be developed in partnership with members of the UOPD and the University of Oregon community. The foundation of the policy manual is based on legal and best practices derived from Lexipol, the leader in law enforcement risk management and policy development. The UOPD policy manual serves as a guide to all members of the UOPD with the goal of providing the highest level of service to our community recognizing our policy is a written public statement as to how we will conduct ourselves as an organization.

UOPD's department policy manual is available to the public.

UOPD Policy Manual

Policy Advisory Workgroup

UOPD seeks the input of the community members it serves to help develop its policy manual. The role of the Policy Advisory Workgroup is to provide informed recommendations on police policies and practices. The chief of police relies on this multi-disciplinary approach to ensure all department policy meets local, state, and federal law, while remaining consistent with the needs of the community. This workgroup is advisory in nature.

Policy Advisory Workgroup Summary

Policy Advisory Workgroup Meetings.  Fall 2022 - Winter 2024.  If you would like to view previous notes please contact rachel.dale@uopd.org