Emergency Phones

In an effort to help provide the safest campus environment possible, emergency phones (e-phone or call boxes) have been installed at strategic locations around campus. These phones provide an immediate connection to our dispatch center, which is staffed 24 hours a day. Officers are dispatched to e-phone activations regardless of an audible transmission from the call box, so if you're afraid or unable to speak, simply pushing the button will dispatch help. Familiarize yourself with campus emergency phone locations (.pdf file). There are approximately 30 exterior emergency phones located across campus (actual number may vary with new construction). Maps are updated annually or after significant changes.

Outdoor Call Boxes

Outdoor e-phones (pictured) are typically mounted on yellow pedestals. A few can be found attached to sides of buildings. They are clearly marked with labels identifying them as emergency phones and have instructions for use. To improve the visibility of the e-phones at night, blue lights were added atop each location. These blue lights blink when the emergency phone is activated to aid officers in locating the distress call. If you feel threatened for any reason, push the red button on the front face of the call box and it will automatically contact our dispatch center. This connection provides you with two-way communication and displays location information to our dispatchers.

Elevator Phones

Elevator phones are installed in all elevators on campus as required by State law. These phones are always located near the elevator controls. Some are shielded by a small door labeled with a telephone symbol. They work in similar fashion to other call boxes on campus and contact our dispatch center directly. Officers are dispatched immediately upon receiving a call. The location information is displayed to dispatchers so they can direct assistance.

Interior Building Call Boxes

Emergency phones are located in several larger buildings on campus in high traffic areas such as: Knight Library, Lawrence Hall (AAA Library area), Student Recreational Center, and other locations. Interior call boxes are yellow in color and operate by the push of a red button. After activation, two-way communication is established between our dispatch center, and officers are immediately dispatched to the scene. Stay near the phone, and assistance will arrive as quickly as possible.

The location of emergency phones is shown on the campus at night map.