UOPD is committed to providing the highest level of service to our community based on a community policing philosophy. This is a philosophy that recognizes the need for collaboration and trust between police and the community they serve. We value your concerns and feedback which help us to grow in our profession and help protect our community. All University of Oregon Police Department employees are expected to treat every individual with respect, courtesy, and dignity. University of Oregon Police Department employees are held accountable to the professional standards included in:

How to submit a complaint/concern

The first step is to call, write or come in person:


Professional Standards 541-346-7504 (Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.)
Or to speak with a police supervisor any time, day or night, call 541-346-2919, and ask for the Watch Commander.

Mailing Address

University of Oregon Police Department
Professional Standards Unit – Captain Clint Dieball
6220 University of Oregon
Eugene, Oregon 97403-6220

Police Station Address

University of Oregon Police Department
2141 East 15th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97403
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

Complaint Form

Download and print out the form, fill out, and submit in person, or by mail using the mailing address above, or create an electronic document and send by email to:

UOPD Complaint Form


If you are more comfortable speaking with someone outside of the police department, you may contact any of the following:

How your complaint is processed

Once the University of Oregon Department receives your complaint, we will:

1. Review the complaint

Consistent with UOPD policy your complaint will be reviewed and the employee(s) in question will be notified of the nature of the complaint. Your complaint will be taken very seriously. Sometimes a complaint is a simple misunderstanding, and other times a formal investigation and report will be required. Either way, all complaints are formally documented.

The complaint process cannot address complaints about legal issues such as whether a citation should have been issued, or finding guilt or innocence in a criminal case. Those concerns must be addressed by a court of law.

2. Assign the investigation

Your complaint may be investigated by a member of the UOPD professional standards unit, a UOPD supervisor of the employee(s) involved, or by outside counsel retained by the chief of police.

3. Investigate the complaint

The officer(s) or other employee(s) will be interviewed, as well as witnesses and others with relevant information. You may be contacted for additional information during the investigation. It is our goal to complete investigations in a timely manner consistent with UOPD policy. You may call the professional standards office at any time to check on the progress of the investigation (541-346-7504).

4. Report the findings

You will receive a letter from the Chief of Police describing the complaint and the results of the investigation.  A record of the complaint is maintained and is available for supervisory review of employee performance. If it is determined that a violation or misconduct has occurred, the employee may face disciplinary action.  The application of employee discipline is protected as an employee personnel file and is not subject to public disclosure. However, you will receive a factual finding of your complaint either in person or in writing.

5. Review by the Complaint Resolution Committee (CRC)

The CRC will conduct a review after the investigation is complete and the findings have been adjudicated. More information can be found here