UOPD Cadet Academy

The UOPD Cadet Program is a premier law enforcement recruitment program. There is currently a lack of adequate representation of women and underrepresented community members in policing. As a campus police department, we serve one of the most diverse communities in Oregon. The traditional recruiting method of posting a job announcement has not and will not support our goal of creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive work force, especially for the position of police officer.  

Our program is an intentional and strategic approach to attracting and hiring a diverse workforce now and create an active pipeline in the state of Oregon infusing highly educated, diverse graduates from the University of Oregon. Our Cadet Program is a three-month program that mirrors the Basic Police Academy learning domains that will help prepare our UO Seniors in good standing for a career in law enforcement. Taking it a step further, we will not only hire the top cadets for the position of police officer (when positions are available) we will also host a state-wide recruitment day.  

Our cadets will receive a salary of $12.75 per hour while attending our academy. Our program partners with other campus units and affiliates as well as our local law enforcement partners. UO students seeking a career in law enforcement and are currently in their senior year in good academic standing are encouraged to apply. 

For information, please contact Director John D. Johnson at john.johnson@uopd.org.

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